Flashing Headlights To Warn Other Drivers Soon To Be Legal In Florida, HB 1223 Passes Overwhelmingly

Tallahassee, Fla. -

Long a driver's code of ethics, flashing your headlights to oncoming motorist warning them of a cop ahead, may soon be legit in Florida.

Until now, FHP has been issuing tickets for that but a recent legal challenge by an Oviedo law firm may be shutting that practice down. In response to the legal challenge, the legislature has passed a bill, HB 1223, that allows motorist to do this, and it has been send to Gov. Rick Scott's desk for his signature. The bill passed by overwhelming numbers therefore is unlikely to be vetoed.

Reacting to this, the FHP issued a directive to all Florida troopers to stop issuing those tickets.

The law firm the filed the legal challenge is arguing that the FHP mis-interpreted the law and on that basis was issuing citations and other argue it violated freedom of speech.

Florida was the only state that actively prohibited this kind of "speech."

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