Kofi Annan Leaves Syria With No Progress Towards Ending Bloodshed Of Assad Government

Beirut, Lebanon -

Kofi Annan has left Syria after talked with Bashar al-Assad with no clear results but said he remains optimistic despite continue bloodshed by government forces on its civilian population.

Annan offered a peace plan that hung on Assad ending the brutal crackdown on his population and in return Assad told Annan there can be no resolution while opposition "terrorists" were blocking any political solution with their continued violence.

Kofi Annan is a joint special envoy of both the U.N. and the Arab league, and is a former U.N. chief.

Russia, long an ally of Syria, and China have blocked attempts to pass a Security Council resolution condemning Damascus for its attempts to crush a year-old rebellion by force, in which thousands have died. Both argue the blame should be laid more evenly. China gets a major portion of it's oil from Iran, a strong Syrian ally and Russia has long sold arms to Syria.

Saudia Arabia and Qatar have been pushing to arm the opposition saying it will negate the need for foreign forces having to enter Syria and is the best way to bring the violence to an end. This proposal is similar to the way the world handled Libyan.

"The regime in Syria is committing a massacre of its own citizens," said Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Feisal on Sunday, after talks with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle in Riyadh.

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