Washington, D.C. –

According to a federal review by six federal agencies, net oil imports to the U.S. is down 10% from last year and is on track to meet President Obama’s pledge to reduce foreign dependence on oil by one third within 10 years. Meanwhile, domestic production is up, its highest since 2003 as the Obama administration seeks to move the nation to energy independence. Canada is currently the leading foreign oil importer to the U.S.

Renewable sources of energy production are also up, double what it was in 2008. The study cites some of the improvements are coming from increased fuel mileage standards imposed by the government on passenger vehicles and government grants into renewable energy sources along with improved weatherization of homes, paid in part by federal grants authorized under Obama in 2009.

However, in a recent Gallup poll, most American’s think the president and Congress can do more to lower gas prices at the pump and many have been calling for political leaders to open up more public lands and offshore drilling.

One of the current reasons gas prices are up is due in large part of U.S. west coast refineries being shut down due to maintenance. They are due to reopen in a few weeks.

In a Strategic Natural Resource Report, among its listings of national oil reserves, it also lists many of those same public lands as the place of last resort should the U.S. lose it’s supplied from foreign sources in the event of a war.

Republicans have been calling on Obama to open up more drilling sites, while environmentalist has continued to protest saying the nation should learn to find renewable sources and to conserve.

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