Sanford, Fla. –

According to new details, Sanford police are being accused of altering the statements of witnesses to the incident when Trayvon Martin was shot by neighborhood crime watch captain George Zimmerman.

17-year-old Trayvon Martin has been walking back from a local 7-11 with snacks for himself and his father in Sanford during the NBA All-Star Game on Feb 26th, when he was following by a car being driven by George Zimmerman, who did call the police non-emergency number to report a suspicious person. According to the recordings, Zimmerman stated the person was suspicious because he was wearing a hoodie and walking too slow in his opinion in the rain.

During the phone call to police, he was recorded as saying, “these a..holes always get away.”

Police instructed him to stay in his car and to not take any action. According to witnesses and police reports, about a minute later he exited his vehicle and began to chase the teenager, who is from Miami, between townhouses about 70 yards from the boy’s destination where he was staying.

According to ABC, Witnesses stated they heard someone calling for help, and another stated he saw both of them on the ground. Zimmerman outweighed Martin by about 100 pounds.

Brown along with several other residents heard someone cry for help, just before hearing a gunshot. Police arrived 60 seconds later and the teen was quickly pronounced dead.

According to the police report, Zimmerman, who was armed with a handgun, was found bleeding from the nose and the back of the head, standing over Martin, who was unresponsive after being shot.

While Zimmerman has claimed self-defense, what is unclear is why he gave chase, and if Martin feared for his own safety being chased by an unknown person.

Additionally, Sanford police are now being accused of “altering” and “correcting” statements made by witnesses, and the witnesses have said they made no “corrections” to investigators.

Apparently, after the shooting, a narcotics detective questioned Zimmerman who asked questions rather than let him tell his story, which is the standard in law enforcement because a question can lead a person. Also not clear is why a narcotics detective questions Zimmerman instead of a homicide detective.

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