Jerry Perdomo's Mistress Lisa Gould Now Missing; Failed To Appear At Court Hearing

Bangor, Maine -

In another twist to the case of Jerry Perdomo's murder, his mistress, Lisa Gould, is now missing. The Bangor Daily News is reporting that Gould failed to appear for a court hearing and is now missing. She was the women Perdomo was having an affair with during his monthly drug runs from Florida to Maine.

Lisa Gould had reported Jerry Perdomo missing after he left her home with a loaded Glock handgun to go collect on a debt with Daniel Porter who has since been arrested for the murder of Perdomo, but is now claiming self defense.

ABC News is reporting that This week, Gould, 31, was supposed to appear in court to answer a misdemeanor theft charge related to an incident last August at a Bangor Kohl's store. Police say she shoplifted perfume, jewelry and underwear by hiding the items in her purse and then fleeing from the Kohl's when store security tried to stop her. Police say the incident was caught on surveillance video.

Perdomo had been transporting illegal prescription drugs from Florida to Maine, Florida dispenses more narcotic prescriptions such as oxycodone than many other states combined and is home to numerous so called "pill mills".

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