Sanford, Fla. –

As pressure grows on the Sanford Police Department, information about George Zimmerman’s past actions as a watch captain show that he has called police several dozen times to report a “suspicious” person, the same type of call he made the night he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin who was walking back to a family friend’s home from a 7-11 during the NBA All-Stars Game on Feb 26 with a bag a of skittles and a can of iced tea for his father.

In fact, according to past reports, police saw Zimmerman as an over-reactive, serious and aggressive person who was trying to get involved with police action.
As we were the first to report, the FBI is now investigating the incident shooting and the handling of the case by Sanford Police.

Sanford Police have bungled past investigations also and only took action once information went public.

Meanwhile, students from local area colleges were at the Seminole County Courthouse today, protesting the Sanford Police’s botched handling of the case which most experts agree was not done in accordance to legal standards in use today. Specifically, they were calling on the State Attorney’s office to take action and arrest George Zimmerman.

Several of the protestors were wearing hoodies also and held signs the read “Am I suspicious”.

More protests are being called for and Zimmerman has moved from his residence to an unknown location.

In the 911 recording over this incident, he can be heard telling the 911 operator that he sees someone suspicious because he has a hoodie on and is walking too slow in the rain. Police instructed Zimmerman to not take any action and to stay in his car. Moments later Trayvon Martin was dead from a gunshot wound from George Zimmerman’s gun.

In another call to 911 from residents who witnessed the incident, one caller said the “boy is yelling for help”, then suddenly a gunshot is heard.

This along with several other witnesses tried to report what they saw to the Sanford Police, but say the police were not interested, and narcotics investigators combed the scene instead of homicide investigators.

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