Strange Booms In The Night Heard In Several Places Around The Country; Maybe UFO's?

In at least 4 places around the country, strange booms were heard last night, including; Wisconsin, Florida, New York and Arizona.

So far authorities have ruled out mining operations, military operations, gas line explosions, sewer breaks, thunderstorms or other weather related events, earthquakes, sonic booms from aircraft, water tower disruptions, and other public water pumping stations. But they still have not explain what the noise was or where it came from.

Speculation has risen that it could have been underground gases escaping causing the noise and the ground settles, UFO's, secret military aircraft operations, or unknown phenomena related to an eventual 2012 earth ending event.

"It's unlikely to be a UFO, or something related to 2012" said a spokesperson with SETI, Search for Extra-terrestial Intelligence, a consortium of scientists and private industry who's mission is to monitor space for possibly intelligence life that is not from earth.

So far, the only people that appear to be taking this event seriously are self declared UFO investigators.

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