Sanford, Fla. –
Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee is stepping down following a vote Wednesday (yesterday) by the Sanford city council which votes 3-2 that they had no confidence in the embattled police chief or the police department.
“It is apparent that my involvement in this matter is overshadowing the process,” Lee told reporters, adding that it had become “a distraction from the investigation.”
His resignation is “temporary” said local officials as the city is deluged with intense local and national pressure for the way the investigation of the shooting death of Trayvon Martine by George Zimmerman, who still has not been arrested.
Rev. Al Sharpton will be leading another protest tonight at Ft Mellon Park following a press conference.
Under Florida law, the “Stand Your Ground” law protects citizens who defend themselves, even with deadly force, if they feel they are being threatened.  And it is this law that Sanford Police point to in explaining why they have not arrested George Zimmerman.
According to the police chief, Martin was the aggressor he says based on reports from his officers and the statement those officers say they collected.
Bill Lee will step down while the FBI and the FDLE continue their investigations into the shooting as well as how the department handled the case.