E.U. Agrees To Take Military Action Against Somali Pirates, Including On Land

Brussels -

The E.U. has agreed to a two year extension of it anti-piracy mission off the Horn of Africa and around Somalia and increased it's military forces actions by authorizing them to target pirates on land, and to destroy fuel dumps anywhere as well as target boats.

Two decades of war in Somalia had left the nation with no government and no law enforcement capable of policing pirate actions. In fact, its a country no one else wants, not even those with an eye to imperial expansion. The transitional government only controls the capital Mogadishu, while al-Shabab militants, who recently joined with al-Qaeda, hold large swathes of territory.

The action by the E.U. also increases its exposure and risk in the area, and comes after terrorists and pirates have been targeting European tourist in nearby resort spots on coastal Kenyan territory using daring night time fast-boat raids.

"Today's important decision extends [Operation] Atalanta's mandate for two more years and allows it to take more robust action on the Somali coast," the EU's foreign policy head Catherine Ashton said.

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