Somali Pirates Sieze Iranian Ship, MV Eglantine, Near The Maldives

Somali pirates have taken an Iranian owned ship, the MV Eglantine, near the Maldives. This ship had a crew of 23, and was about 1,800 miles away from Somalia when it was taken.

The Maldives has sent a coastguard vessel to the scene, according to local reports. It is also co-ordinating with Indian naval officials in an effort to rescue the crew.

Somali pirates have been increasing their reach by using larger boats and small ships despite an international naval effort to curtail pirate actions. Somalia has had no functional government for over 20 years that is capable of enforcing international law or maritime law, or even land based local domestic criminal law.

US Naval forces have said they will attempt aid and rescue just as if it were any other flagged ship, Iranian or not. Iran does not currently participate in the international joint naval force.

The Maldives and India said they are also working on a joint working agreement after a large group of Pirates were found in Maldivian waters previously. They were arrested.

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