JetBlue Pilot Goes Bezerk During Flight, Passenger Subdue Him, Lands In Amarillo While Enroute To Las Vegas

[Updated] The name of the pilot is Clayton Osbon of Richmond Hill GA. He lives with his wife Connye and they also own a home near Jacksonville, FL - 9:42pm. --end update.

A JetBlue pilot apparently went crazy and screamed there is a bomb on board and yelled at Al Qaeda during a flight from New York to Las Vegas before he could be subdued by passengers. Shortly after the outburst, the co-pilot opened the cockpit door and crew members along with passengers took control of the pilot.

The picture above is from a passenger's cell phone during the commotion.

Another off-duty JetBlue pilot was on board and entered the cockpit and took control of the aircraft while it made an unscheduled landing in Amarillo, Texas. The plane landed safely in Amarillo at about 10:15 a.m.

The captain was taken to the Northwest Texas Hospital on the West side of Amarillo and has been described by the airline and the FAA as having a medical condition.

One passenger told Fox 5 News the pilot was in the cabin trying to storm the cockpit.

"I saw a guy wearing a pilot's uniform run down the aisle screaming and yelling and banging on the cockpit door to let him in," the witness said.

The witness, Fox 5 News reports, said the man was screaming, "Say your prayers! Say your prayers!"

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