Wildfires Continue To Ravage Colorado, Federal Wildland Firefighters Take Over

Denver, CO -

Wildfires burning south of the Denver metro area have taken their toll killing an elderly couple and burning 28 homes. Federal wildland firefighter have taken over the lead efforts to contain the fire and extinguish it before it burns more than the 4,500 acres it has already consumed. Additionally, rescue crews consisting of 32 members and six dogs, are frantically looking for a woman reported missing by her husband, thought to be in the fire zone.

Thousands of residents were warned of impending evacuation orders. Overnight, airplanes using infrared imaging flew to plot where the fire was moving. About 400 firefighters are in the area, several of whom came from states such as South Dakota, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona. Crews will rotate fighting the fire throughout the day.

Six aircraft are engaged in the fire fighting as welling, including a mix of heavy tankers and helicopters.

Sam Lucas, 77, and his wife Linda, 76 were killed in their home during the fire and authorities are investigating their deaths as well as how the fire started.

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