Ford Announces $1.3 Billion Investment At Hermosillo Mexico Production Plant

Hermasillo, MX -

Ford has announced a $1.3 billion investment in its auto manufacturing facility in Hermosillo Mexico in order to increase production and expects to add up to 1,000 news jobs as a result. This follows recent news that Nissan is investing $2 billion into a third plant in Mexico.

Mexico is currently the world's fifth largest automobile exporter and as Mexican President Felipe Calderon says, were "about to move into fourth place." The expansion of its Hermosillo plant will allow ford to ramp up production of its Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models.

Both Ford and Nissan have seen large growth in the America's and the increased production will allow them to ship to the United States, but also to Brazil's fast growing middle class population that is demanding more and more cars.

Volkswagen, Toyota and Nissan also have large automotive manufacturing footprints in Mexico.

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