A California man, Robert Biggs, claimed a bear saved him from an attack by a large mountain lion near Whiskey Flats Wilderness Area in California while out bear watching.

In his report to the California Department of Fish and Game, DFG, he claims he was out to bear watching when a mountain lion leaped for him and grabbed his backpack and held on even after hitting the lion with his pick. Just moments later a bear appeared and intervened on behalf of Biggs and saved him from certain death or serious injury.

Game Wardens with the DFG heard the report and were unimpressed saying while it is what the man claims, there have only been 16 verified mountain lion attacks on humans since 1890.


Wardens say it is unlikely, but don’t want to call the man out for fanciful storytelling either. But they say they still need to take the report seriously, because if mountain lions are starting to attack humans, “that’s a serious problem” says Patrick Foy of the DFG. He added the DFG has no plans to pursue the mountain lion that allegedly attacked Biggs.

Biggs has claimed to have survived three previous mountain lion attacks.

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