Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman; Updates From Sanford


Sanford, Fla. -
[Update: Zimmerman has been charged with second degree murder; see newest articles]
Original Article - Apr-2-2012:  
In the latest updates, voice analysis experts hear 911 call and say it was Martin yelling for help, Zimmerman says he will turn himself in, Bill Clinton weighs in on the shooting, protests grow across country and in Florida.  As the saga of the shooting of Trayvon martin by George Zimmerman continues, updates continue to unfold daily.  
Following voice analysis experts review of the 911 call, they said they believe it was Martin who was yelling for help.  The software they use is similar to that used by the NSA and CIA.  Zimmerman's family continues to defend George, but the public say they only know what George has told them and their bias opinions of him and his personality.
The Sanford investigator who was investigating the incident originally asked the state attorney's office to prosecute Zimmerman saying they believed his actions are not covered on Florida's "stand Your Ground" self defense law.
Former president Bill Clinton spoke out saying "I hope this will lead to a reappraisal of the "stand your ground" laws, and I hope that the truth will come out and that the tragedy of this young man's loss will not be in vain," Clinton told ABC News.
State Lawmakers acknowledge the law needs to be revisited and amended to prevent people from using it while acting like vigilantes, that the law was not meant for self defense when the shooter chases the person being shot.  Critics say the law is defective because it makes police side with anyone claiming self defense unless they can prove otherwise, instead of investigating it from a neutral point.
Zimmerman said he will turn himself in if he is charged.
The Grand Jury has convened to deliberate if charges should be filed against George Zimmerman.
Large protests continue in large cities around the country including Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Washing, D.C., New York City and in smaller towns also.


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