Russian Airline Suspends All Flights On ATR 72-200 Aircraft Following Siberian Crash

UTair Aviation of Russia has announced that it is grounding all of its ATR 72-200 aircraft following the crash of one of its ATR 72-200 in Siberia recently, saying it will wait until the result of that crash are found by investigators. The airline has three of these aircraft which is a twin engine turb prop.

The plane that crashed after take off from Tyumen, Siberia was 21 years old. So far 31 people have died.

According to the Interstate Aviation Committee, the agency which investigates air incidents in the former Soviet republics, the black boxes were recovered and that both engines were working when the plane crashed.

The plane entered service in 1992 and had not had a "serious" technical check since 2010 according to the IAC.

Russia and the former Soviet republics had one of the world's worst air-traffic safety records last year, with a total accident rate almost three times the world average, the International Air Transport Association said.

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