Tornados In Dallas Area Wreak Havoc, Damage Widespread, Airplanes Damaged At DFW Caused Cancellations

Dallas, TX -

Strong storms and tornados erupted in the Dallas area resulting in widespread damage, some severe in localized areas and over 110 airplanes at DFW airport were also damaged causing flight cancellations and extensive delays.

Local authorities say there was widespread but relatively minor damage, and the mayor of Arlington Texas says at least three people were injured. Severe damage appears to have been limited to small localized pockets.

DFW airport officials report at least 110 airplanes were damaged by hail and strong winds causing 406 flight cancellations plus other flights to be delayed and leaving about 15,000 passengers to be stranded. American Airlines operates a large hub at DFW. 48 inbound flights to DFW were diverted to other airports.

No damage has yet to be reported at Dallas Love Field, where Southwest Airlines flies into. Southwest cancelled 25 flights.

The Texas Rangers baseball team were int eh middle of practice when the storm hit forcing the team to take cover.

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