The Annual Hurricane Season Forecast For Has Been Released For 2012

Boulder, CO -

The Colorado State University's atmospheric research team tucked way up in the Rocky Mountains have released their forecast for this year's hurricanes down in the low lying tropics, and say it's going to be a below-average year.

Philip Klotzbach and William Gray did note in making their annual predictions, that there is a 24% chance that a major hurricane, category 3 or bigger, will hit the east coast or Florida this year, which is below the average chance of 31%.

Here's the forecast list: 10 named storms 4 of those will be come a hurricane 2 of those will be come a major hurricane

Researchers caution people to not take the hurricane season lightly, which starts in June. In 1992, only seven storms were named, yet from that came Hurricane Andrew, a catastrophic hurricane which wiped Homestead, Florida off the map and left hundreds of thousands without power and homeless for weeks.

CSU works in partnership with NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a federal agency.

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