US Coast Guard Ship Opens Fire On Japanese Ghost Ship, Sinks To Ocean Floor

The Coast Guard has sunk the Japanese "ghost ship" Ryou-Un Maru by firing canons at the ship that had been adrift since the Tsunami in Japan last year. The ship was about 180 miles from the Alaskan southeast coast in about 6,000 feet of water.

According to the Coast Guard, after being shelled by the Coast Guard's cannons, the ship sunk about four hours later.

The 9.0 earthquake the struck just off the coast of Japan created the tsunami that sheered the Ryou-Un Maru from its moorings at its home port of Hokkaido, Japan when waves as high as 50 feet roared to shore in some places.

That tsunami swept about 5 million tons of debris out to sea, according to the AP, and pieces continue to wash up on shores throughout the Pacific Ocean.

The ship was dubbed the "ghost ship" because it had no lights or communications systems as it floated across the Pacific Ocean. The former shrimping vessel had been designated for the scrap yard.

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