V2LAB Import Car Show Brings Out Crowds In Orlando; "Mystery Meat"

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Orlando, Fla. -
V2LABS, or Version Two Laboratories, drew large crowds in downtown Orlando for their tuner Mystery Meat car show, helped with support from Pepsi.  Police estimated 10,000 wandered the streets of Orange Ave, Jefferson and a nearby parking garage to see the creations of dedicated car enthusiasts on Easter Sunday of mostly Honda, Nissan, Toyota Mitsubishi and Subaru's.
The "tuner car" market is worth about $2 billion annually in the US and growing, with help from popular films like Fast and Furious.  Today owners across Florida and a few out of state devoted owners showed their best, some where truly a piece of art mixed with testosterone, while some were created with an alter ego possibly, but all are the result of sweat and labor.
There were plenty of cops were out, doing cop like things, protecting the public, checking VIN's for stolen cars, keeping would be thieves at bay from cars that have thousands of dollars worth of custom work done to them, and getting in the way of pretty girls in Maserati's trying to go where they don't belong.  
And interestingly, keeping the Easter Sunday church goeers leaving Easter Sunday mass at St. James from becoming entangled with the highly congested traffic on Orange Ave, which ended up being not nearly as quick and easy as had been hoped for according to the Orlando Police Department.
Below: 2007 Scion TC owned by Richey Valdez of Kissimmee, FL.  Richey says he's put about $30,000 into his car, but looking at the amount of attention to detail, there can be little doubt he skipped Starbucks and saved his milk money.
Below: 2003 Mitsubishi Evo owned by Justin Goad down from his duty station at NAS Jacksonville, FL.  He came with several other members of his car club "Kindred Impulse" and is Originally from Oregon.
Below: 2004 Acrua RSX owned by Troy Huynh of Team V2LAB.  Troy sent us a very impressive list that ended up being way to long to publish, but after reviewing it, it's become apparent the only thing "Acura" about this car was the body and the emblem.
Below: Sadly, We didn't get the chance to talk with the owner of the beautuful GTR.
Below: 1991 Nissan 240SX owned by Jason Jiovani (www.j1nracing.com).  Jason races his car at several drift competitions and various tracks across the southeast US.  His business card has a nice picture of the car in action, but sadly, we forgot to ask him if we could use it, so it's not here.  He's looking for more sponsors in case anyone is interested.
Below: 2006 Scion XB owned by Steven Perez from Team Road Runner.  Steven says he's put about $9,000 into his vehicle, everything from the sound system, custom fiberglass, paint and specialty lights.
Below: 2006 Mitsubishi Evo owned by Josh Holland.  He told us his front bumper was missing because the custom white that covers his car had not been done to it yet and that he's put about $20,000 into the car.  Here's the list he gave us about the car:
TTP Engineering built 2.4 long rod high compression motor - E85 gas only; 740hp/550tq at 29psi; FP 3794 turbo; ETS 5 inch intercooler; CCW lm20 18x10.5
Here's Our Favorite:
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