US Navy Deploys 2nd Aircraft Carrier To Persian Gulf Amid Growing Tension With Iran

The US Navy has deployed the USS Enterprise to the Persian Gulf, joining the Abraham Lincoln and its associated battle group. Tensions continue to grow with Iran and the US is seeking in crease the real pressure on Iran combined with harsh sanctions to get Iran to give up its nuclear program.

Iran recently signaled it is willing to bend to international pressure and will be meeting in Istanbul soon with the so called "P5+1", which is the five permanent members of the UN Security County plus Germany. According to an Iranian spokesperson, the country said it is willing to enrich uranium to 3.5%, the amount needed for creating electricity, and stop production of 20% enriched uranium. Weapons grade uranium must be enriched to 90%.

According to Cmdr. Amy Derrick-Frost of the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet, this is only the fourth time in the last decade that the US deployed two aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf. Each carrier battle group consists roughly of one aircraft carrier, 70-90 military aircraft, 2-3 guided missile cruisers, 1 or 2 submarines, 2-3 destroyers, plus additional ship attachments.

The US wants to present a strong military presence in the gulf to prevent the Straits of Hormuz from being closed, which is exactly what Iran has threatened to do in the past.

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