Bride Arrested On 6 Felony Fraud Charges For Faking Cancer To Get Free Wedding

Jessica Vega, 25, has been arrested after it was discovered she had lied about having cancer in order to get a free wedding. She has been charged with six felony charges related to fraud and theft and one misdemeanor charge.

In searching for a wedding dress and during conversation with a bridal shop, Vegas states she had cancer and wanted to get married fast before she died. This was enough to convince Keri Ciastko, co-owner of Bliss Bridal, to donate a custom altered dress. As the sad story spread, more donors steps forward with a wig, free airfare and honeymoon costs, and a free stay at a luxury time-share resort in Aruba, donated by a couple who gave up their vacation.

But it all came crashing down when her own husband discovered what she had been doing when he found a forged letter from a doctor attesting to her "illness." Following the discovery of the forged letter, husband Michael O'Connell called the bridal shop and others and blew the whistle on his wife saying she "pulled the wool over everyone's eyes."

Since then, O'Connell has divorced Vega and moved to Virginia.

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