Criminal Charges Have Been Filed Against George Zimmerman By Special Prosecutor; 2nd Degree Murder

Sanford, Fla. - [Update: 9:23pm - Zimmerman's New Attorney Mark O'Mara says they will enter not guilty plea] [Update: 8:39pm - George Zimmerman now at Seminole County Jail]

Criminal charges have been filed against George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by special prosecutor Angela Corey. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law does not apply to this case according to Angela Corey, who is filing second degree murder charges against Zimmerman when he shot Trayvon Martin on Feb 26th. Legal experts had said he could face second degree murder charges or manslaughter charges or both.

"We do not prosecute by public pressure" said Corey in a new conference from Jacksonville. She added, "we take our obligation to file these charges seriously", and that "this case will be tried in a court of law, not the court of public opinion." In making her announcement of the murder charges, she said the decision was reached last week.

Zimmerman is currently being held with no bond in the Seminole County Jail, but once his attorneys file for a bond hearing one could be granted. If convicted, Zimmerman faces the possibility of life in prison.

Martin was walking back to his father's fiance's townhouse with snacks during the NBA All Star Game when he was confronted by George Zimmerman and subsequently shot in the chest. Since then there has been an intense public outcry calling for Zimmerman's arrest.

George Zimmerman has admitted shooting Martin but claimed self defense. The Sanford Police investigation and it's perceived bungling and cover-ups sparked the numerous protests in Sanford and around the country and led to the police chief stepping down.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott appointed Corey as the special prosecutor empowered to fully investigate and charge Zimmerman if her investigation lead her to believe a crime was committed.


Despite the public's loud outcry and high profile protests, there are many Zimmerman supporters who says he only acted in self defense when he shot Martin. Zimmerman's new personal website details his frustration with his legal team (which recently quit), and his claim that so called "legal funds" websites that have been set up are not his and that he has never received any of those funds.

Questions about Zimmerman's guilt do remain, and Zimmerman has claimed that much of the media's portrayal of him has been inaccurate. In fact, this is true as we found, early on in the investigation many of the details published by the media eventually were learned to be only part of the truth or partially accurate.

However inaccurate some reports have been, Zimmerman did shoot Martin in the chest during an altercation, the exact events leading up to that are still controversial, and Zimmerman's portrayal as a racist have been called into question by some of his own friends who are African-American.


George Zimmerman goes against his legal advise and creates his own website.

George Zimmerman's attorneys withdraw from defense of Zimmerman over accusations that Zimmerman has disappeared and lost contact with then, has not followed their counsel and in general is becoming non-cooperative. No word yet on who will represent him next.

Zimmerman is now represented by Mark O'Mara.

Attorney General Eric Holder said that he will ensure a full federal investigation into criminal civil rights violation would be done fairly by the Justice Department.

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