Top 10 Best/Worst Jobs Of 2012

The top 10 best and worst jobs list for 2012 has been released by an agency called CareerCast. The factors considered were pay, dangers on the job, availability of work, pay/salary, stress, physical labor, the number of hours worked in a week, environment along with several other factors.

Scoring the worst job of all was Lumberjack, followed by; Dairy farmer Enlisted military soldier Oil rig worker Newspaper reporter Waiter/waitress Meter reader Dishwasher Butcher Broadcaster

Also Coming in relatively high on the worst list is someone the public generally sees often, Wireless Telephone Sales.

At the other end of the spectrum were the best jobs to have in 2012 and using the same criteria here's how it lined up.

Topping the list is Software Engineer, largely because pay is high, benefits are up, work hours have become flexible, demand is high and expected to grow 20% per year, and it is a relatively low stress environment.

Following that is; Actuary Human Resource Manager Dental Hygienist Financial Planner Audiologist Occupational Therapist Online Advertising Manager Computer Systems Analyst Mathematician

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