Apple Loses German Trial; Ordered To Stop "Push" Email Service

Apple has lost in a Mannheim, Germany regional court hearing and has been ordered to stop its "push" email service with the court saying Apple violated a Motorola Mobility patent.

Apple informed its customers they could get around this problem by setting there iPhones and iPads to "fetch" mail on a regular timed interval instead. The tech giant also said it will appeal the ruling and believes the court is wrong.

Apple is involved in a "global patent litigation" with Motorola according to Reuters. At stake is is the multi billion dollar smartphone market, and rights to use various technology and both are contesting who owns what, and who has infringed on who.

Apple is also involved in other patent and trademark litigation cases in China.

The German court also ordered Apple to come up with information that will be used by the court to calculate damages that it will impose on Apple.

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