Judge Jessica Recksiedler Presiding Over Zimmerman Case May Recuse Herself

Sanford, Fla. -

Circuit Court Judge Jessica Recksiedler may be forced to recuse herself in the Trial of George Zimmerman due a conflict of interest according to Zimmerman's new attorney Mark O'Mara.

During a short status hearing today at 1:15pm, O'Mara said he was considering filing a motion to have Judge Recksiedler removed. Judge Recksiedler's husband works for the NeJame law firm, the same firm that was contacted by the Zimmerman family for representing George Zimmerman before Mark NeJame eventually recommended Mark O'Mara.

"If you choose to file a motion to disqualify me as judge, it has to be filed in writing for me to address it," Recksiedler said. "If you do choose to file, we do have a bond hearing set for next Friday," she said, asking that the motion be filed before then.

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