"Life Threatening" Storms Continue To Hit Central States, NWS Predicts Hail, Severe Storms, High Winds and Tornadoes

The NWS has maintained its "Life Threatening" storm warnings for much of the plains states of Oklahoma and Kansas, as well as parts of Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Illinois for Saturday.

The worst conditions were projected for late Saturday afternoon between Oklahoma City and Salina, Kan., but other areas also could see severe storms with baseball-sized hail and winds of up to 70 mph, forecasters said.

The warning issued Friday covers parts of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

The Storm Prediction Center, which is part of the National Weather Service, gave the sobering warning that the outbreak could be a "high-end, life-threatening event."

Using new more ominous sounding words in their storm warnings, the NWS issued an advanced warning yesterday of severe and extreme storms that will cross much of the central US and the Ohio River Valley this weekend, and yes another strong line of storms is leaving colorado and will enter Oklahoma Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday tornadoes hit in three places around Oklahoma including Piedmont and Norman where 19 people were injured, near the Severe Storm Prediction Center that issued the heightened warnings.

Residents in affects areas are likely to see high winds, hail, lightening, torrential rain and tornadoes in some cases.

Emergency management operations have been activated in several counties and municipalities across the affected region and residents are being warned to stay home if possible.

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