Police Bust Debbie Jean Cooper For Identify Theft After Speeding Down I-75 at 115mph

Police in Collier County arrested 53 year old Debbie Jean Cooper of Miami Gardens for identify theft after stopping her for going 115mph on I-75. She told the officer she was late to a court hearing in Lee County and that she worked in the tax preparation business while giving consent for her vehicle to be searched.

That's when officers found a hand written document containing names, date of births and social security numbers of 13 people, something police say is not common for tax prepares to carry with them. Officers contacted some of the people listed on the paper who were surprised she had their information saying they do not even know who that is. They also said they wanted to press charges.

Also found in the car was a long printed list of names of individuals from a Miami special needs facility, fraudulent checks and tax forms with people's names printed on them.

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