UN Security Council Votes Unanimously To Send Observers To Syria Following A Tepid Peace Recently

New York City -

The United Nations Security Council has voted to send international cease fire observers to Syria, with both Russia and China saying they support the measure as part of an an overall plan to stabilize the country and bring the bloodshed to an end that has wreaked havoc on the country since the Arab Spring uprising began a little more than a year ago.

Protestors originally demonstrated for more freedoms and reforms, but after Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, cracked down with the country's army, they demanded Assad to leave office and a year long civil war of violence has ensured creating a bloodbath of protestors killed by government forces, and a long list of torture claims. Several peace deals were accepted by Assad before but he has not stuck to any of them, and while some army forced did pull back to the edges of cities, tension was high.

Today's Security Council resolution marks the first time the council has agreed to take any action other than external sanctions.

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