Best Buy To Close Stores In Fort Myers And Tampa; But Orlando And Miami Stores To Stay Open

Best Buy has said that it is only closing two stores in Florida, one in Fort Myers and one in Tampa. Feared closings in Miami and Orlando have vanished with Best Buy announcing the closure list.

Minneapolis based Best Buy had previously said it was closing about 50 of its "big box" stores in favor of opening about 100 Best Buy Mobile stores. Other stores on the chopping block include Los Angeles, Pittsburg, Fayetteville, Chicago, Boston, Kansas City, Omaha, New York City, San Antonio, Alexandria, and Richmond. This, however is not a complete list, but does highlight the closures seem to be closely related to areas of the country with higher unemployment.

The electronics chain has about 3,000 stores worldwide, of which 1,500 are in the US alone.

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