Economy Growing Faster; Permits For New Construction Up, Retail And Car Sales Up

The economy is improving faster than what many realized, with record level increases in sales and construction leading the way in a good sign that the road ahead is paved with more money for most Americans.

February marked the largest increase in new home building permits since October of 2008, home building stores like Home Depot and Lowes have recorded stronger than expected sales figures, automotive manufacturers saw huge increases in sales in the first quarter of 2012 and are selling more cars in the US than at any time during this past recession.

Home building has fueled other increases in electronics, clothing, and home furnishings leading to a broad increase in the overall economy and most economist say there are even more signs the economy is starting to come around to Main St USA.

Existing home sales also saw a healthy jump last month, raising the median home price to just over $225,000. The housing market is the largest segment of the US economy.

There are now 3.4 million jobs available to be filled right now according to the Labor Department.

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