Frontier Airlines Fined $50,000 For Violation Of Disabled Person's Rights On Denver-Fort Lauderdale Flight

Denver based Frontier Airlines has been fined $50,000 by the USDOT for violating a disabled passenger's rights and said the airline had violated the Air Carrier Access Act.

The original complaint said the airline was notified in advance about a quadriplegic who was traveling from Fort Lauderdale to Denver and would need help because he has no used of his arms, legs or torso, and that airline prohibited him from using a seatbelt extender to restrain his upper body, something the FAA says is prohibited but the airline allowed on three previous flights, including the one to Denver.

In the complaint, it also said that the airline, having already been notified about the disabled passenger, failed to allow him to pre-board or receive certain assistance, either helpers, mechanical devices or lifts.

The DOT said it requires airlines to provide assistance to passengers with disabilities while boarding and deplaning aircraft, including the use of wheelchairs, ramps, mechanical lifts and service personnel when needed.

When contacted, Frontier said they had no comment other than to say "we recognize all types of disabilities and work to handle each case to the highest degree of safety and professional curtesy as possible."

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