Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Slams Comcast Over Net Neutrality

Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix has come out slamming Comcast Cable over its net neutrality policy, saying they are violating the rules to force their customers to watch their content.

“Comcast no longer following net neutrality principles. Comcast should apply caps equally, or not at all."

Hastings was referring to Comcast's data cap it places on its customers who watch Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go, on their Xbox's or other personal devices, but does not apply the cap when customers use Comcast's Xfinity service which has been accused of prompting Comcast content above competitors.

Hastings went on to say, “Once I get HBO GO on my Xbox, then it will be strange that streaming Game of Thrones from the HBO GO app on my Xbox will count against my Comcast internet cap, but when I watch those same Game of Thrones streams through the Comcast app on Xbox, over the same wifi connection to my Xbox, then it will not count against my cap. Hmmm…”

Net Neutrality has been a contentious issue involving the nation's large cable operators including Comcast and Verizon who place caps on its customers who venture across the web outside of their portals which promote their content. It's been called a "selfish grab" and a kind of a "financial censorship" by critics by forcing their customers to use their cable operator's video portals instead of seeing the internet and its content in a neutral manner.

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