Foreign Nations Successfully Hacking Into US Digital Cyber Networks Of Businesses And Government

Washington D.C. -

Shawn Henry, of the FBI’s Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch said at least a half dozen countries are actively and successfully penetrating US networks gaining access to large and small companies, and getting into US government computer systems.

Henry just stepped down from the post despite FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III asking Henry to stay. While Henry declined to name the countries publicly, he went on to say that they foreign countries have been able to steal information and have gotten in so deep in some cases, that companies have been forced to throw out hardware and software, literally, to stop the attack.

Many in the government are beginning to believe the nations biggest threat is becoming cyber attacks by foreign nations.

"A global cyber arms race" is quickly becoming bigger than the cold war, said Rear Adm. Samuel Cox, director of intelligence at the U.S. Cyber Command.

Highlighting just how vulnerable the nation is, both Cox and Henry have spoke about how the nation's electrical grid system is in poor disarray and could be easily attacked brining the nation to a stop.

Without power people's alarm clock would not wake them up, cell phones couldn't be charged, the internet, email, and computer would go dead, television (satellite and cable) would stop delivering news and entertainment, gas stations could not pump gas into waiting customers, airports would be forced to close, and Starbucks can't offer you your daily shot of caffeine say security analyst Mark Brennan.

"We've just ignored the problem, swept it under the rug and pretended like it wasn't there, but what happens if it really strikes us and we loose all that?"

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