Study Shows Mexican Immigration Down; In Reversal, Mexicans Are Returning Home

According to a new study by the Pew Hispanic Center, the number of new Mexicans immigrating to the US is down nearly 50% and the number of Mexican national's returning home to Mexico is up 30%.

The results show a significant reversal from 1960 when the birth rate in Mexico was 7.3%, and in 2010 was just 2.5%. Improved economic conditions that keep Mexican nationals at home such as the large Ford and Nissan plants in Mexico that pay well above national standards for Mexico, tougher enforcement and increased deportation are cited as contributing factors, but the largest impact was an improved economy in Mexico.

Also changed is the percentage of deportees that say they would not try to return to the US, with just 7% saying they won't try to return to the US in 2005 as compared to 29% in 2010 who say they do not intend to try to return to the US after being deported.

However the study does not show a clear picture on immigration in the US. While Mexican's made up nearly 50% of all illegal immigrants in the US in 2005, increasingly it is Central American's that are actually illegally immigrating but list themselves as "Mexican" hoping only to be deported to Mexico instead of all the way back to their native country.

According to an estimate by the Customs and Border Patrol, nearly 70% of all hispanic illegal immigrant caught crossing the US/Mexico border are actually from Central American countries in 2011.

Accordingly, as more Mexican nationals decide to return home they are also taking their US born children with them. The economy in Mexico has improved significantly from 1970's, when Mexico's currency suffered a serious devaluation of its Peso. More jobs are becoming available in Mexico, enabling many to support their family and have a better quality of living, something most immigrants sought.

The overwhelming number of Mexican immigrants to the US come for economic reasons, hoping to find a job and send money home to their families.

As of April 2012, a total of $32 billion in investments for factories in Mexico have been planned by foreign companies wanting to do business in Mexico, this represents an estimated 250,000 more jobs considered to be well paying by Mexican standards. Making companies want to set up shop in Mexico is it's lower labor rate, Mexico's lower cost of doing business, and the NAFTA trade agreement that allow US companies with plants in Mexico to import their products to the US without tariffs. The agreement also allows Mexican companies to ship to the US under the same conditions, giving Mexico more products to export to the world's largest economy.

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