Orlando PD Officer Dante Candelaria Found Not Guilty In Beating Of Teenager Citing Mistaken Identity

Orlando, Fla. -

Dante Candelaria of the Orlando Police Department has been found not guilty in the beating of 18 year old Bryan Payne and false imprisonment.

Despite the whole event being caught on video surveillance, Candelaria claimed he mistook Payne for another suspect he had pursed earlier in the day which is why he approached Payne.

In the video, Candelaria can be seen punching Payne, pushing him to the curb while Payne tried to protect himself, then slamming him into a brick wall just before handcuffing him demanding to know where he could find Payne's girlfriend's brother, Juan Rodriguez.

During court, Payne said he had been waiting for his girlfriend when the officer threw him to the ground for no apparent reason.

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