University of Pennsylvania Quiet On Investigation Of Dean Doug Lynch Faking His Own Degrees

The University of Pennsylvania has kept a low profile over accusations that its Vice Dean of the graduate school of education, Doug Lynch, faked his Masters and PhD degrees saying they were from Columbia University.

Following an investigation by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the results shows that he in fact did not receive a Masters degree in 2005 from the prestigious Ivy league school, nor his PhD from anywhere in 2007 in which he claimed he did when he joined UPenn. Lynch was working on his doctoral degree, but not at Columbia University.

The school elected to not fire him when they found out about the false claims earlier this year but instead reassigned him in a similar leadership role as an administrator saying he had mistakenly thought he finished his doctorate.

Once the results of the investigation were made public the school immediately put Lynch on leave "pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation." Following the placement of leave, Lynch resigned.

Columbia reported did did not issue any degree to Lynch but did not have any further comments about the subject.

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