Deltona Road Rage Incident De-evolves Into Melee Fight Ending With 1 Person Shot

Deltona, Fla. -

According to police reports, last night at about 1:30am, a road rage incident turned into a violent melee ending with one person being shot. It started when a 17 year old girl began tailgating another car on her way home and the front car slowed down instead of speeding up, which she hoped it would do.

After she arrived home, the car she had tailgated arrived a short time later and several men got out of the car and started yelling at her and one man punching her in the face. They left but returned again with more people and weapons, a bat, machete and a gun.

They then yelled and taunted the occupants in the house to come out and fight and began shooting aimlessly, and hitting cars at the home with their bats.

One of the shots hit one of the occupants in the house.

Police arrived about 3 minutes after a 911 call was made but were not able to catch the suspects. Bullets were found embedded in the walls of the house and cars nearby.

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