Prostitute In Secret Service Scandal May Be Posing In Hustler, Selling Story To Playboy

According to reports in Cartagena and Miami, Dania Suárez, the woman at the center of the recent Secret Service scandal, may be selling her story and posing in an adult magazine. Both Playboy and Hustler have reportedly offered Suárez at least half a million dollars for a full spread and her story.

Suárez who is 24, vaulted to international notoriety when members of the US Secret Service's advance team were in Cartagena Columbia preparing for President Obama's visit and engaged in sexual misconduct with prostitutes they brought back to their hotel rooms at the Hotel Caribe, one of them being Suárez. Apparently after an argument broke out over payment, local police were called to the hotel who in turn called the US Embassy.

Playboy has denied it is seeking out Suárez at this time, but Hustler did acknowledge it has photo's of her and is writing an article but would not elaborate as to when it would be published or if the photos are enough or if more is needed.

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