RIM Unveils Blackberry 10 And Shows It Off In Orlando With 2 Separate Conferences

Orlando, Fla. -

Canadian smartphone maker RIM has unveiled its Blackberry 10 this week in Orlando in two separate conferences, Blackberry World and Blackberry Jam with CEO Thorsten Heins delivering today's keynote.

The company handed out new Blackberries to attendees, but only a light demo version was functional, designed to give people a hint at what's coming with the new Blackberry. And just a hint is what it was, with most of the features of the new Blackberry removed or disabled, and instead showing limited demos and videos showing off what the phone is hoped to be able to do.

However industry critics have cautioned that Blackberry had pulled this move before with its highly touted Playbook the company said would be a game changer and instead was a major flop the likes of Windows release of ME and the release of Blackberry 6 which had major hype but was quickly outdated within a few months by rivals.

Techland even went so far as to say, "Most of the company’s products of the past few years have arrived in half-baked form at best," and the same critics say they hope Blackberry takes the time to make the OS rock solid before its 2012 release, which is expected shortly before the holidays.

So far, it appears the new blackberry will finally be full touchscreen with a virtual qwerty keyboard and run on the 4G network, again "a day late and a dollar short" says Jordan Ashberry from Gadgettech noting that most smartphone makers have already been moving to true LTE.

Apps will be a major challenge for the maker as developers have favored Apple and Android as industry standards, so there are relatively few apps for Blackberry compared to the other two heavyweights. But RIM says it is prepared to shell out $10,000 for apps that help populate its app center for the new devices.

The embattled phone maker has seen its value plummet over 80% and sales fall below nearly every other popular smartphone, though it was once the industry leader.

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