TSA Launches PreCheck Program At Orlando International Airport For Some Travelers On Delta

Orlando, Fla. -

The Transportation Security Administration has launched its pre-screening program at Orlando International Airport, MCO, for select Delta passengers, those enrolled in its frequent flyer program known as SkyMiles.

It is part of an overall TSA initiative to speed up security lines and respond to traveler and congressional complaints about TSA screening practices labeled in-effective, slow, overly intrusive, retarded and insensitive by many including many industry security professionals.

As part of the program, some passengers flying Delta Airlines will be invited to participate and will have their personal information pre-screened and that information will be embedded as part of their boarding pass's barcode. Once a TSA screener scans the code, that travel will be waived into a walk through line without having to take off shoes, belts and jackets and will not have to remove laptop computers.

If the program is successful, it will be expand to other airlines. The TSA has already launched this program in other airports with other airlines already.

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