FL Gov Rock Scott Signs Law Banning Trade With Cuba & Syria; Then Says Law Is Unenforceable

Miami, Fla. -

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has sign a law passed by the Florida legislature that prohibits companies in Florida from doing business with Syria or Cuba then immediately issued a letter on the advisement of his staff that said the law is unenforceable citing a supremacy clause in the US Constitution that grants congress the authority to regulate trade and commerce along with several US Supreme Court cases.

Scott has said he will not enforce the law. In his letter Scott wrote, “Florida law restrictions related to foreign commerce might be federally preempted, and therefore unconstitutional... because such a conflict may exist, the restrictions will not go into effect unless and until Congress passes, and President Obama signs, a law permitting states to independently impose such sanctions against Cuba and Syria.”

Despite the constitution, Representative David Rivera has said if the governor does not enforce the law, he will take Scott to court to require him to enforce the law.

There are also calls in Florida to stop trade with China because it is regarded by many to have the most wide-spread abusive human rights record.

THe vote in the legislature was passed mainly on party lines with the majority of republicans voting for the law.

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