Goldman Sachs Comes Out In Support Of Gay Marriage; But says It Has Cost Them A Lot

New York City -

Goldman Sachs has been trying to clean up its image as a money hungry company and has come out in strong favor of gay marriage. The firm was among several other large financial firms in New York City that signed an open letter of support for gay marriage that was sent to the New York state legislature which ultimately passed.

Goldman Sachs Group Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein said as a result of the decision, they have lost of their long and and largest investor clients and said he won't release the name but "if you heard it, you would recognize and and wouldn't be surprised."

Blankfein joined hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer at an LGBT Leadership Summit for the financial community called "Out on the Street," which was held at Bank of America's Manhattan offices. Present were several others on the who's who list of top executives from around the financial industry.

Singer, a conservative who runs Elliott Capital Management, also gave $1 million to the Super PAC supporting Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

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