200 Pound Black Bear Spotted Near Downtown Orlando

Orlando, Fla. -

The Orlando police are tracking a bear that weighs in at an estimated 200 pounds in the Parramore area and have been waring residents to stay inside.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation officers, FWC - state game wardens - are assisting the OPD.

Police say so far the beaar has not threatened anyone and probably is just as scared as residents, but again cautioned anyone from taking actions on their own to trap or kill the bear. FWC hope to catch the bear and transport it to a safe area for release.

Officals gave some DO's and Dont's.


Remain standing upright Speak to the bear in a calm, assertive voice Back up slowly toward a secure area, be sure you are leaving the bear a clear escape route Avoid direct eye contact, bears and other animals may view this as aggressive behavior Stop and hold your ground if your movement away seems to irritate instead of calm the bear


Make any sudden or abrupt movements Run - running can trigger a chase instinct, and bears can sprint up to 35 mph Play dead - black bears eat things that play dead or are dead Climb a tree - black bears can climb 100 feet up a tree in 30 seconds

Also they say people in the past have successfully fended off a black bear attack in the past by fighting back using rocks, sticks or even your hands.

Black bears are a smaller cousin to the large brown bears that live in the western United States.

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