Opposition Protestors Arrested In Moscow On Eve Of Putin's Inaguration As President... Again

Russian police have arrested dozens of protestors and at least two high profile opposition figures who were demonstrating in a March against Russian President-Elect Putin while on their way to the Kremlin.

Vladamir Putin won re-election in the recent Russian election in what was seen by many as a rigged election by Putin as he clamors for his hold onto power. Putin is a a former KGB head while Russia was still communist and known as the USSR. After serving the constitutional limit of president for two terms, he stepped aside and became Russia Prime Minister.

There have been numerous reports of tear gas and Molotov cocktails as protesters clash with Moscow police.

A long line of OMON riot police held back protesters at a square across the Moscow river from the Kremlin and beat some with batons. Some of the protesters threw plastic bottles and one threw a smoke bomb, Reuters reporters on the scene said.

Those taken away by police included two opposition leaders, Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, the witnesses said.

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