US Navy To Sell Sealth Radar Evading Ship In Public Online Auction After No Museums Want It, PayPal Accepted

For Sale - "Sea Shadow" Stealth Ship capable of evading radar covered with Energy absorbent black paint; 68 feet wide, 164 feet long and around 563 tons. Price: $139,200 or best offer. Buyer must pay with confirmed funds and take delivery day of auction. PayPal accepted. Additional Features: 12 bunks, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and the ability to blend into the night. Buyer beware: staterooms are a bit small and there are no swimming pools are tennis courts, interior deign brought to you by the color gray.

That is the ad the US Navy is running for real in an effort to get ride of a ship that is has tried in vein to donate to various museums, but all have rejected it. So far the highest bid is $131,750.

The ship was built during the height of the cold war as an effort to give the US greater stealth and first strike capability, as well as a powerful deterrent but was never commissioned for use.

There is a catch to whoever wins the auction, the winner must agree to not take it for a leisure Sunday sail on the high seas or menace other countries, nor can the winner use it in any private military they may have. In fact, the winner must agree to cut the ship up for scrap within six months. North Korea, Iran and Myanmar can not bid on the auction unless they can prove their leaders were democratically elected and do not have nuclear technology.

The Navy took delivery of the sinister looking ship in 1985, just before Dr. Evil could get his hands on it. it was built by Lockheed Martin's famously secretive "Skunk Works" facility in Burbank, California.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA and the US Navy also played a part in its building, providing funding and a massive barge that it could be built in to keep it hidden from satellites passing overhead.

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