Orlando International Airport Ranked #1 Favorite Airport In U.S.

Orlando, Fla. -

The Orlando International Airport (OIA, airport code MCO) was ranked the #1 favorite airport by Tripadvisor.com and has seen significant increase in international passenger traffic in 2012 so far. The biggest increase was from Brazil, with an astonishing 108% increase over last year and Canadians added a modest 13% increase over the same period last year. The British still dominate international arrivals, with over 1 million per year. Domestic traffic remained flat compared to last year.

IOA is on track to reach 36.1 million passengers this year, with 9,042,103 passing through in the first quarter of 2012 already. This increase would make Orlando the 10th busiest airport in the nation, it is currently the 13th busiest in terms of passenger traffic. OIA is classified by the FAA as a major airport with it having over 395,000 planes arrive and depart in 2011.

We wanted to know why OIA was ranked the #1 favorite airport, so we went and asked travelers, here's the feedback we got.

- The terminal trains run frequently and make it easy to get to any of the four airsides that are spread out where all gates are located. - Easy to get into and out of the airport. - Starbucks, located in the main terminal and in select airsides. - Security lanes are quick, lots of security lanes (we assume this was said in comparison to their home airport). - Shopping. - Efficient layout. - Flights out of MCO tend to be cheaper than surrounding airports such as Tampa. - Increasing number of international destinations available non-stop from MCO. Non-stop international destinations available from MCO: Dublin, Mexico City, Montreal, Toronto, Paris, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Aruba, Montego Bay, Bogota, Nassau, London, Halifax, Kingston, Port of Spain, Panama City, Cancun, San Jose Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Santiago Chile, Frankfurt, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Sao Paulo Brazil, Manchester U.K., Glasgow, and Calgary.

Additionally, JAL, Emirates and Egypt Air have said they would be interested in exploring the possibility of adding Orlando to their routes from Tokyo, Dubai and Cairo respectively. Though the Tokyo flight would be 15 hours aboard the new 787 Dreamliner, so be prepared to sleep if it arrives.

But not every one had only good things to say, here's some of the less than positive feedback.

- Lack of Starbucks in every airside. - Some international travelers must go through security again to get their bags, poor international arrivals design. - Transiting from one airside to another is long and sometimes requires going through security again. - Lack of power stations to plug in laptops and cell phones. - Slow internet, poor WiFi connection. - Lack of selection of desirable concessions or restaurants in each airside.

Overall, the good comments out-weighed the bad by a large margin.

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