Orlando, Fla. –

The FBI and other authorities that were part of the takedown of the 10 American Front members over the last couple days say the group is alleged to have been making ricin, which is considered a chemical weapon of mass destruction.

An informant that had been planted in the group for nearly two years had been reporting everything back to the FBI, which lead to the arrests. Two more warrants have been issued for Verlin Lewis and Dylan Rettenmaier.

In an affidavit by authorities, it claims in part, the group was, “planning for an inevitable race war,” and it planned to attack Orlando City Hall among other large buildings in Central Florida.

Neighbor Dale Koehler reported hearing a loud boom following by screams “Sheriff’s Department”.
Those arrested so far include:
25-year-old Jennifer McGowan
22-year-old Kent McLellan
28-year-old Diane Stevens
39-year-old Marcus Faella
35-year-old Patricia Faella
29-year-old Mark McGowan
25-year-old Paul Jackson
20-year-old Dustin Perry
26-year-old Christopher Brooks
23-year-old Richard Stockdale

Patricia Faella is already out on bond and has posted a No Trespassing sign on her door hoping to keep the media away.

Mark McGowan Jr.’s mother, Norma Black, was asked by a reporter if her son was a racist and she said: “no, they are just a bunch of friends having fun going target practicing.” She went on to say she herself is no racists but doesn’t like all the troublesome blacks and that illegals are “invading” her country, as she put it.

A spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center said they had been tracking Mark and Patricia Faella for years and that they are also part of a network known as the “Confederate Hammerskins”, which has a large presence in Tampa.

The charges so far include paramilitary training with the intent to cause a civil disorder and conspiracy and carry an up to five-year in prison each and when it is enhanced as a hate crime, each count could lead to over 30 years.


There are 15 known hate groups in Central Florida, making this part of the state a hotbed for these so-called racists. The Aryan Terror Brigade, the local group the suspects belonged to, is part of a larger group called American Front and is also affiliated with the Confederate Hammerskins, which is based in Tampa Florida.


A known forum for racist, called Stormfront, was lit up with posts, many of which described the 10 arrested as hero’s while some criticized poor operations for letting an informant into the group.

Overall, we logged on and asked the group what their position is on race in America. Most directly avoided saying they were racists but indicated they felt the world would be a better place is each race were separated but did not say anything about killing other races. A few gave the usual rhetoric shouts like “death to Jews” and they wanted to kick illegals out of the country.

Interestingly, they even have a map dividing the United States into a white nation, and land for the other races, but say they are not putting other races on a “reservation” like the US government did to American Indians. It carves out a large chuck in the northern areas for whites, then leaves another chunk for Hispanics, and the rest are shown to be leaving.

Stormfront members, some of which are part of the Confederate Hammerskins or other groups say they are not “hate groups”, they are “White Pride” groups, and that there’s a difference. One member said he does not hate other races, but is very proud to be white and says there should be a separation of races, that the world would be a better place.

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