Anonymous Shuts Down Russian President Vladimir Putin's Website And Kremlin Website

Moscow, Russia -

The hacker group Anonymous has been able to shut down Russian President Vladimir Putin's website following his inauguration ceremony in Moscow. The group used Op_Russia twitter account to publicize the event.

The hacker activists group carried out a promise to disrupt government information portals two days after his swearing-in for another six-year term that has drawn street protests claiming election fraud and that Putin is a power hungry man.

Residents in Russia reported they were unable to access the government's website, , for a while. "All the relevant departments are taking the necessary measures to counteract (such) attacks," a spokesman for the Kremlin Internet security division said.

In response to reports that the Kremlin is using hacker groups to suppress opposition groups in Russia and independent media outlets, Anonymous hacked into the emails of a pro-Kremlin youth organisation earlier this year in what it said was a response to a growing number of hacker assaults by pro-government groups on independent news outlets and opposition bloggers.

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