Zephyerhills Teacher In Trouble For Using Animal Neck Cones On Students To Discipline Them

Tampa, Fla. -

47 year old Zephyerhills teacher Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp is facing disciplinary actions herself for placing animal neck cones, that are normally used on pets to keep them from licking their wounds, on students to discipline them for talking, texting or eating in class.

Bailey-Cutkomp is a science teacher for the Pasco County School District. It was after parents discovered pictures of students wearing them, that they notified school officials.

One parent, Dawn Davis, said, "That's a human, that's not an animal and I feel she (the teacher) shouldn't be here,” according to WPTV.

The cone was apparently a joke, and the teach had asked the students in advance if it was ok, and all the students had agreed. The idea came from the Disney movie "Up" in which a dog was punished using a cone collar.

Bailey-Cutkomp now faces termination after the districts superintendent, Heather Fiorentino, recommended termination.

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